Santa Teresa 2000 Yellow Honey SL San Roque - Costa RIca

Santa Teresa 2000 Yellow Honey SL San Roque - Costa RIca

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Region: Dota Valley, Tarrazu

Flavour notes: blackberry, brown sugar, tangerine

Variety: SL San Roque

Altitude: 2000m

Hidden away in the beautiful Dota Valley in Costa RIca, lies the Santa Teresa 200 micro-mill. Located at 2000 meters above sea level (hence the name), father, son duo, Roger and Alex Ureña, two very humble and extraordinary talented gentlemen, have a mill that is ideal for processing coffee, as it has a consistently cool, crisp climate, with a good amount of sunshine coming in through the course of the day.

This family team has 13 small farms throughout the Dota Valley that add up to about 30 hectares. What links all of these farms is their high altitudes, 1600m and above, and the exotic varieties planted throughout them, such as SL San Roque, Geisha, Pacamara, Villalobos, Ethiopia 47, Typica Mejorado and many more.

SL San Roque (as known as San Roque Kenia) is a mutation of SL28 variety that occurred in Costa Rica and has now been distributed to many specialty coffee producers across the country. While being a bit smaller and rounder than the traditional SL28, it still has a very comparable flavour profile to SL28, with bright and berry acidity, velvet to syrupy texture and just apaca well structured and elegant cup profile.

The Fermentation Process: Yellow Honey

After being harvested at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are pulped, leaving 25% to 50% of the mucilage, and left in tanks to ferment overnight for 12 hours before to being taken to raise beds to dry for 15 days on average, with the final 2 days in controlled dryers to achieve optimal moisture.