Espresso is probably the most difficult way of making a good cup of coffee…

It's fair to say that the vast majority of all espresso sold worldwide falls short of delivering an tasty beverage. So it is no surprise why so many people prefer to mask the flavour of their espresso with milk or sugar. However with the right coffee, equipment and technique, a good cup of espresso is achivable. 

When dialling in a new batch of beans we like to start with the following recipe and adjust from there:

Coffee: 18g in

Brewed Weight: 40g out

Brew Time: 32 seconds


Here are some of our tips and tricks for getting a better espresso:

- Weight the coffee into your portafilter.

- Use a timer. If your coffee is running too slow, grind coarser; if it's running too fast, grind finer.

- If you want more body and sweetness, lower your brew weight. If you want a brighter expression in the cup and more separation between flavours, up your brew weight.

- Don't forget to taste, taste and taste!

Pay attention when tamping the coffee. The bed needs to be level each time.

- Espresso always taste better if you let it rest for one minute before serving and stir it with a spoon before you drink it. The result will give you a sweeter and more balanced taste.

- If the coffee tastes bitter, try grinding the coffee a bit coarser. If the coffee tastes weak and sour, grind the coffee finer.