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CAFEC Abaca Filter Papers

CAFEC Abaca Filter Papers

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Composed with a blend of non-wood Abaca (also known as Manila hemp) and wood pulp, CAFEC Abaca Paper Filters feature good air and liquid permeability, strength and elasticity, and are highly regarded for their quality and performance.

Produced using a through air drying technique, CAFEC's Abaca Paper Filters feature two-sided crepe texturing, with the inside crepe enhancing the total surface area to allow for fines adhesion without obstructing water path, and the outside crepe maintaining a cushion of air between the filter and dripper.

Together with CAFEC's fine-mesh paper texture, the composition of these filters promotes a stable and speedy flow of water for consistent brewing conditions.

Pack of 100 filters.

Available in 1 Cup or 2-4 Cup formats (compatible with all conical brewers such as V60, Origami, etc.)

As with any paper filter, ensure that you rinse through with hot water first to remove any remaining paper taste. 

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