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Torréfacteur Neon Coffee Roasters

CAFEC Light Roast Specialty Coffee Filters

CAFEC Light Roast Specialty Coffee Filters

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It's not just paper

In their continual pursuit of making delicious coffee easier to brew and enjoy, CAFEC designed a series of paper filters with deliberate compositions to help highlight specific characteristics in your coffee.

Optimized for highlighting aroma and clarity, the Light Roast Coffee Filters feature a high density structure with no interior crepe. With a lesser interior surface area and reduced water path, the correspondingly restricted flow promotes a lengthened infusion time to help enhance extraction, while the high density fine mesh paper texture yields tremendous cleanliness in the cup.

Available in 2-4 Cup formats (it can still be used for the 1 cup format however!).

As with any paper filter, ensure that you rinse through with hot water first to remove any remaining paper taste. 

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