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Fincas Mierisch Natural Java - Nicaragua

Fincas Mierisch Natural Java - Nicaragua

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Region: Jinotega

Flavour notes: pineappple, vanilla, peach

Variety: Java

Altitude: 1450m

The Mierisch family has been producing coffee for more than 110 years, making them one of the oldest coffee farming families in Nicaragua. For the past 5 generations, the family has been both innovating and steadily improving the efficiency of their systems, which has allowed them to design special farming techniques at scale with precision lot traceability and to grow and process world renowned, rare coffee varieties with both distinctive and exceptional processing methods. 

The Mierisch family has several farms, producing their coffees across 11 fincas in Nicaragua and 3 in Honduras. Their coffees are renowned around the world; from their lauded Los Favoritos Auction and winning 1st place twice in a row at the Cup or Excellence in Honduras is not only a testament to their dedication, but also to the hard work and understanding of the importance of striving for quality at every step.

The Mierisch family is actively involved in social projects within their farms. They have a full-time kitchen team providing breakfast and lunch for the workers and their families; they make 1000 tortillas daily. Additionally, they have built daycare centers and schools for the workers' children, located on the farms. Children helping their families working on farms is common in Nicaragua, however, their parents are asked that their children go to school or be left at the nursery Mierisch built, while they work. Additionally, the workers have access to family planning assistance and medical advice from trained, certified staff. 

Las Delicias is a farm within the Fincas Mierisch family. A wide range of varietals are grown on this farm including Java, Geisha, Yellow Pacamara, and Red Bourbon.

Java is often called Longberry as that is just what it looks like - the berries and the seeds (beans) are long and slim. The Mierischs calles their varietal Javanica. Javanica is a Java varietal with a story. Don Esteban Mierisch purchased a bag of seeds from a roadside fruit vendor on his way home from one of their farms. Upon stopping to purchase fruit, they he noticed a bag labeled 'Java' and enquired about its contents. The vendor claimed that the bag contained coffee seeds of the famous Java variety, and despite being skeptical that these were truly authentic they took a chance and purcahsed the seeds. After planting the seeds and caring for the plants, the family was pleased to discover that these coffee trees were indeed the Java variety and named it Javanica in honour of the variety's new home.

The Fermentation Process: Natural

After being harvested at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are taken to raised beds to dry for 25-30 days until they reach their optimum moisture level and then are milled in order to have the seed separated from the fruit. 


SCA Cup Score: 87.5

Quantity Purchased: 34.5 kg

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