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Wholesale Adorsi Washed Kurume - Ethiopia

Wholesale Adorsi Washed Kurume - Ethiopia

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Region: Yirgacheffe, Gedeo

Flavour notes: green apple, blueberry, black tea

Variety: Kurume

Altitude: 2150m


SCA Cup Score: 87.5

Quantity Purchased: 60 kg

Farm Gate: 4.41 USD/lb

Free On Board: 8.38 CAD/lb

Free On Truck: 9.44 CAD/lb

More than 800 smallholder family farmers surrounding the Aricha village deliver freshly picked coffee cherries to the nearby Adorsi washing station in the Yirgacheffe district located in the Gedeo zone. Yirgacheffe is often recognized for the extremely high-quality coffees being grown in the rich and fertile district, and this washed coffee is no exception. With Elevations exceeding 2100 meters above sea level, the coffee grown in Aricha provides a bright and complex cup with a flavour that coats the tongue.

Ethiopian coffee varieties are often described as “heirloom” in reference to their history and to differentiate the way production is done in Ethiopia from that of other coffee origins. Though many mountain forests in Ethiopia are filled with wild coffee, most of the coffee that is grown and harvested for export is some form of selected or bred variety.

Kurume is one of the regional heirloom varietes of the Yirgacheffe area. As with many regional varieties, the names applied to the coffee varieties are borrowed from the names of indigenous trees. The Kurume tree gives small fruit with a good annual yield. Kurume is a popular variety among farmers in the Guji and Gedeo Zones, which includes Yirgacheffe.

The Fermentation Process: Washed

After being harvested at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are floated to remove defects and then are pulped mechanically, removing the majority of the fruit. They are then dry fermented for 36 hours. Afterwards, the coffee washed four times in clean water. Finally, it's dried on raised beds for 10–12 days.


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