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Wholesale Fincas Mierisch Bourbon Naranja Washed - Nicaragua

Wholesale Fincas Mierisch Bourbon Naranja Washed - Nicaragua

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Region: Matalgapa

Flavour notes: grape, caramel, orange blossom

Variety: Bourbon Naranja

Altitude: 1450m

The Mierisch family has been producing coffee for more than 110 years, making them one of the oldest coffee farming families in Nicaragua. For the past 5 generations, the family has been both innovating and steadily improving the efficiency of their systems, which has allowed them to design special farming techniques at scale with precision lot traceability and to grow and process world renowned, rare coffee varieties with both distinctive and exceptional processing methods. 

The Mierisch family has several farms, producing their coffees across 11 fincas in Nicaragua and 3 in Honduras. Their coffees are renowned around the world; from their lauded Los Favoritos Auction and winning 1st place twice in a row at the Cup or Excellence in Honduras is not only a testament to their dedication, but also to the hard work and understanding of the importance of striving for quality at every step.

In the community of El Arenal, you will find the smallest farm of the Mierisch family, Finca El Suspiro ('the whisper'). Located in the department of Matagalpa in the Cerro Arenal Nature Reserve, more than half of the property is dedicated to protected rainforest. It has many creeks, birds, butterflies, and flowers that are native to the area.

With its origins in Yemen, Bourbon is one of the most cul­tur­al­ly and genet­i­cal­ly impor­tant coffea ara­bi­ca vari­eties in the world. French missionaries introduced Bourbon from Yemen to Bourbon Island (now La Réunion), from where it gets its name, in the early 18th century. Bourbon did not leave the island until the mid-19th century, when it started to spread to new parts of the world as these missionaries moved to establish footholds in Africa and the Americas. Bourbon was introduced to Brazil around 1860, and from there, it rapidly spread north into other parts of South and Central America, where it is still cultivated today. 

Orange Bourbon is a natural mutation of the Bourbon coffee tree. Its fruit turn into an orange color with brown spots when fully ripe. This orange fruit is uncommon in Nicaragua, making it a rare and scarce variety, not only in the country but the world. Because of it being so rare, pickers are not used to it, making it a very difficult variety to pick and process.

The Fermentation Process: Washed


After being harvested at peak ripeness, the coffee cherries are floated to remove defects and then are pulped mechanically, removing the majority of the fruit. They are then dry fermented for 32-36 hours. Afterwards, the coffee washed n clean water. Finally, it's dried on raised beds for several weeks, until it moisture content has reached 11-12%.


SCA Cup Score: 87

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